Sick In Space


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released August 14, 2011

composed and produced by Matt Scholey
Mastered @ ALTOSYNC Labs by Boris Segal


all rights reserved



MACHINEFIEND Toronto, Ontario

Progressive Electronic Musician/Future Cyborg

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Track Name: Fractures
this is very hard
says the wound and scars
travel back in time
fix that broken mind
bottom out and try
over and over sigh
this time it's over and I..
I want you to feel alright

it's over and over
it's over and over
Track Name: Inside Out
I fell down through the cracks
while you watched me burn
I fucked up it all again and again
while you watched me burn

I see your memories
and I feel your heart

time to quit it's time to quit

the stars are falling down
Track Name: Circuit Disorder
I fell into a hole
I fell into a trap
I had thought I had found an escape
but there's no way back

this hurts..

once again I'm here
I've never been here before
once again I'm alone
Track Name: Next To Nothing
it hurts, it burns
it spins, it turns
I think, I learn
I have to

the worst is yet to come

next nothing
Track Name: Lost Without You
it's hard to live
it's hard to be
the clouds have gathered over
a tumultuous sea

bring back the days
before I went away
bring back the days
before I went astray

man turns machine
recurring dream
where I'm all alone
I'm lost without you
again, again

again, again, again, again,
I'm lost without you

I sold a thousand souls
to pick up broken bones
I followed a thousand stones
that led me far from home
Track Name: Sick In Space
I've been drowning for hundreds of years
just like a sick dog running on empty bones
I've got my head up inside a wall
I take another drink drink drink of my poison

time to leave this place
follow me to outer space
you're in my head
these pictures, I can't erase

I'm the sick dog running on empty bones
and that's my head up inside the wall
you're crazy for it, it's crazy for you
and that's my head up inside the wall

I'm the sick dog
Track Name: The City And The Stars
it's hard to concentrate
to disassociate
I dream of things we do
I wake up, you're not there

this world's not big enough
for the two of us
we'll have to travel far
and not care who we are

through the city and the stars

I walk down an empty street
where we said we'd meet
the city's full of air
stars hide in the sky
Track Name: Duplicate Deactivate
there's debate near exceeding flower
warehouse fills up by the hour
adaptor slowly circumcising
yet will grow through compromising

talking hopeful, dried up older
usage drowning, past compounding

dinning habit danger to you revenue
vehicle rival down
winding basic practise to change your view

gniduopmoc tsap, gninword egasu
redlo pu deird, lufepoh gniklat
Track Name: I, Human
the world is closing in on me
and I don't have the password or the key

I am now a robot
you are my machine
they are all around us
we are the disease

the world is closing in

(I could hate you, but I love you)

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